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What Presenters Say Licia Perea is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is of Spanish, Mexican and Native American decent and was born into a family of ranchers in central New Mexico. Perea began dancing and choreographing “extravaganzas” for her sisters and neighborhood children at an early age. At the age of nine she began taking formal dance lessons. Since then Perea has actively pursued the art of dance and performance in many different settings.
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Licia Perea holds an MA from the University of New Mexico in Choreography and Performance. She has performed and taught professionally throughout the United States, Germany, Mexico and Russia. Perea has been the Artistic Director of Danzantes, a pick-up dance ensemble, since 1987. She has choreographed and performed in musicals, operas, music videos, commercials and film and has worked extensively with music, visual, and dramatic artists in many improvisational performance settings. She taught at the University of New Mexico for 8 years in the Theater and Dance Department and also taught in the New Mexico Artists in Residence Program for five years. She is certified in The Authentic Pilates Method™ and has been teaching in Los Angeles since 1995.

Licia Perea has been awarded two Choreographer’s Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, her second being a two-year award. Perea was a recipient

of a City of Los Angeles Performing Arts Fellowship (COLA) and premiered her new solo evening Orlando of a Thousand Years based on Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando. She has also received major support from the New Mexico Arts Division along with several private foundations (McCune, Burrows and the Jewish Community Foundation). Perea has toured, nationally and internationally, her dynamic one woman concert Frida a dance drama and her ensemble work, Apariciones de la Madre. She has been on the WESTAF Touring Roster, the International Arts Programming Network and is now on the California Touring Artists Directory. Licia Perea was also a member of the Yellow Springs Group (national group of choreographers doing research, experimentation and dialoguing in Yellow Springs, PA).

Active memberships include the Los Angeles Dance Resource Center, National Organization of Women and The Pilates Guild™.

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