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Slumber of Reason
Coyo ReMembers
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What Presenters Say 'SLUMBER OF REASON' is a show that defies characterization. It was created by the Latina Dance Project, but this show goes beyond being a mere dance performance; it is a fascinating hybridization of dance,
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theater, video, music (both pre-recorded and sung live), and performance art. The creators of "Slumber of Reason" ... take immediate and relentless hold of the audience's attention...The choreography in "Slumber of Reason" is austere and subdued, but effectively conveys the stories the performers wish to tell. If you're looking for something different, something edgy and thought-provoking, then be on the look out for the next LDP performance. If "Slumber of Reason" is a taste of what the Latina Dance Project has to offer, then it certainly promises much for what is yet to come from this innovative performance art group."
        M. Fritz, SoCal.com
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Eluza Santos

"Alternating between opera, dance drama and political theater, 'Coyolxauhqui ReMembers' brings to the Bootleg performance space a sense of the relationship between ancient Aztec myth and current conditions on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border...performances deeply persuasive...It's gesture based movement enhances the text and drives the piece to its pure-dance finale: a celebration of feminist pride."
      Lewis Segal, The Los Angeles Times

"...stunning projected video...original musical score heightened emotive power..This was strongly physical theater performed by gifted professionals with imagination and wit."
      Jennifer Noyer, The Albuquerque Journal

Latina Dance Theater Project STRONG WOMEN,

"These and other Latina/o voices haven't been heard nearly enough in the performing arts. As political theater and in front of mainly white audiences, the work might easily open some eyes to a coexistent experience of contemporary life in the Southwestern U.S., which fails to be appropriately represented in mainstream media-work that should be heard."
      Benn Widdey, Counter C
"Shattering the Latina mold, the Latina Dance Project performance featured energy, poetry and insight."
      D. Jean-Marie, UCR
      Highlander, Riverside, CA
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