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     Technique Classes

  • Modern Dance - All Levels (Humphrey/Limon, Release, Laban, Bartenieff)
  • Brazilian Dance - Samba (and its variations) and Capoeira
  • Flamenco Dance - Beginning and Intermediate Levels
    (shoes with heels required)
  • Pilates - All Levels of Mat Work and Apparatus (if available)
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  Choreography and Performance

  • Non traditional partnering including contact improvisation
  • Improvisation with voice and movement
  • Textual resources for choreography - Original text is used as the basis for choreography (movement and text). We will explore the borders between dance and theater.
  • Artistic mentors for emerging Latina(o) dance makers
  • Latina Repertory Etudes - This class looks at Latina dance work through a historical, aesthetic, critical and performance lens. Students engage with the work through a short movement study and by looking at larger contextual issues that inundate the work.

     Lecture Demonstrations, Research Presentations/Panels

Juanita Suarez
  • Lecture demonstrations that focus on contextual/performance frames that clarify for the viewer the various socio/cultural/political/spiritual narratives found within the dancing Latina body.
  • Research presentations for graduates - We will share our methodologies/challenges/findings as well as issues surrounding the concept of the insider/outsider researcher.
  • Panel discussions for cultural/ethnic studies, women's studies, interdisciplinary arts, minority programs, dance/theater departments and research methodologies. The Latina Dance Project panel introduces the concept behind the LDP and draws for the listener parallels, interdependence and contrasts between cultural dance forms.
Juanita Suarez

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