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Slumber of Reason based on Francisco de Goya's "LosCaprichos"

Enigmatic and controversial, Los Caprichos were created in a time of economic crisis and social unrest in Spain. Goya used his art as a powerful weapon to denounce social abuses and superstitions. Los Caprichos was a passionate declaration of his political liberalism and his revulsion towards ignorance and intellectual oppression.

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The Latina Dance Project uses these powerful images to create a new set of modern day "caprichos" exploring contemporary demons that affect our world ranging from the darkest to the most absurdly humorous, including immigration, environmental degradation, racism and technological alienation. Following Goya's example, Latina Dance Project brandishes humor as a tool of social criticism. A series of ten vignettes explore our contemporary superstitions and social abuses using movement, text (spoken and sung) and haunting video!  
  "Slumber of Reason" is a show that defies categorization. It was created by the Latina Dance Project, but this show goes beyond being a mere dance performance; it is a fascinating hybridization of dance, theater, video, music (both pre-recorded and sung live), and performance art. The many stages around L A offer audiences a wide selection of shows to choose from. But if you're looking for something different, something edgy and thought-provoking, then be on the look out for the next LDP performance. If "Slumber of Reason" is a taste of what the Latina Dance Project has to offer, then it certainly promises much for what is yet to come from this innovative performance art group." Marianne Fritz,
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